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Standard Ceilings

Standard ceilings provide the perfect finish for a room with a simple clean design, by using standard 6mm ceiling boards we cannot do more than paint them the colour of your choosing, as they are not designed for any other purpose. We can either nail them or screw them into brandering, and we join them using H-Strips. Standard Celling boards are the perfect finish for any room in the house as well as out buildings keeping your home looking consistent and clean at an affordable price.

Flush Plastered Ceilings

For an elegant finish, Flush plastered ceilings are the way to go. We use a thicker stronger quality rhinoboard than standard ceilings to carry the extra weight so that they don’t sag over time and then use a rhinolite plaster to skim plaster the ceiling boards to make the finish clean and elegant. By choosing this ceiling there are a number of benefits, you can make use of this ceiling for almost any design shape or size, and use it as a design feature, the boards are thicker providing better insulation as well as sound attenuation, and we can easily integrate bulkheads into your designs by using flush plastered ceilings.

Suspended Ceilings

Mainly used in office spaces or shops where its important to hide the concrete slab above, as well as maintain a useful space in between, Suspended or hung ceilings are the way to go. They are clean, simple design, very convenient and easy to Install. The reason for suspended ceilings is to make space for a lot unwanted things, like cables running through your shop or office, Air conditioning and heating ducts that would be an eye sore and take up a lot of space, geysers and lighting, and sometimes depending on the struct5ure can be used for storage. Definitely the most commonly used ceilings in office spaces and for good reason. If its practicality you want with a clean finis this is the way to go!

Isoboard Ceilings

Typically used in residential homes as insulated ceilings, which deter heat in the house in summer time and store the heat in the house in the winter time, making your home comfortable and livable in our harsh south African conditions. Also used in shopping Centre’s and stores where no insulation is provided, to maximize on cost saving and comfort Isoboard is a great substitute. Isoboard Has applications for many different Buildings and projects namely, Schools and offices, Police stations, Cold storage, and a whole lot more. Contact us if you need to ask any questions regarding IsoBoard.