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There are many different forms of bulkheads that can be made and used to suite your home or space perfectly.

L Shaped bulkheads can be added as features or purely for practicality as in art studios with downlights shining on artwork for instance. They can also be used to connect 2 rooms with differing ceiling heights.

U Shaped bulkheads can be used to create a feature in the middle of a room, Which can be used to mount a central feature like a light, or be used to coincide with something like a central kitchen unit with a hob attached to it.

Double step Bulkheads are exactly what it says, a bulkhead with 2 steps, this can be used to create more of a feature in a room, Giving you the idea that the room has more height, it also hides things like structures that are an eyesore and gives the structure and elegant finish.

Light trough Bulkheads are used to insert lights into a gap in the bulkhead shining lights generally on their own switch to create a centerpiece of elegance and style in a room or space.

Dome Bulkheads are very elegant and very functional provided there is space for this application, it also creates and finishes off a room with the utmost style and sophistication and will have your guests staring at your roof for hours. We can place light troughs in the dome to also emphasize the dome as well as light up an area.